Saturday, August 21, 2010

An Evening with an Icon

We ended our day with an evening on Navy Pier. We had lots of folks on the ferris wheel, enjoying culinary delights, and checking out the large cruise boats boarding for nighttime excursions. After a full day of exploring Chicago, we were ready to head home for the evening.

All told, we took over 6 different city buses today to our three destinations. Learning how to navigate a city is a new skill set for some of us, and it's been fun to learn together. It's challenging to travel in a large group, and these students are doing a great job of being respectful of the city they are in and supportive of each other. I feel really lucky to be spending this time getting to know them.

A highlight of the evening was our very own Steph getting her own personalized beatbox rap from Yuri Lane, a performer on the Navy Pier. Lane asked her if she liked texting and when she said "yes," well, she got her own tribute performance. I'll try to get the video loaded soon; it's giving me some trouble tonight.

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