Sunday, August 22, 2010

Giving Praise

There are so many people who make a trip like this possible. First, our students and their family members, who contribute the funds to make it all possible. The Office of First Year Experience Programs is an incredible office on the IU campus that helps administer the entire IUBeginnings program. They have been wonderful partners in developing this experience.

The Kelley School of Business Undergraduate Program has contributed immeasurably to this trip. From staffing to purchase orders, alumni contacts to professionalism workshops, my colleagues have been incredibly helpful. I know they will continue to be a phenomenal resource for these students through academic advising, study abroad experiences, student organizations, and community service opportunities.
The Office of First Year Experience selects our student chaperones from the summer Orientation Leader staff. Grace and Erik are two of my heroes on this trip. They are great community builders and keep me from making terrible directional decisions. They are true professionals, and I'm so glad I've gotten to know them on this trip.

This is one big, public thank you to not only my colleagues in offices around campus, but to these two IU students, my new colleagues, who have helped us make history on this trip!

Grace, Erik, and Sue the T-Rex at the Field Museum on Saturday.

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