Friday, August 20, 2010

On the Road

I realized this afternoon that I broke perhaps a cardinal rule in blogging by writing in the first person without introducing myself. Your primary author for this blog, I’m the Kelley staff member chaperoning this trip to Chicago. My primary role within the Kelley School is admissions. I work with prospective and current IU students who are interested in joining the Kelley School, so this trip is a unique opportunity to connect with incoming freshmen.

This trip is a true cross-campus collaboration. While the administration of the trip is managed by the IU Office of First Year Experience Programs, our daily activities and business site visits were all arranged by staff members of the Kelley Undergraduate Program. This is a unique effort between an academic and administrative unit, and I know it will be of great benefit to the students.

Before we left campus today, we had a workshop on professionalism. We’ll be interacting with companies who do recruiting and hiring at IU, so we wanted to be sure to share our expectations for our student participants about asking questions and interacting with our site hosts.
The director of the Undergraduate Program, Kathleen Robbins, co-presented this workshop. Our final exercise was dividing into groups, reviewing brief profiles of the companies, and then creating possible questions we could ask after the business presentations. I was thrilled with the depth of questions we heard from this brief exercise and can tell that this is an excellent group of students.

As I’m writing this, we are on 465, circling Indianapolis on our way to the city. We’ll stop in Lafayette for dinner, hopefully hitting our hotel by 9pm. We are sharing our bus ride with the Arts & Culture group. All but 3 of our group of 19 are sleeping, while the Arts & Culture students are talking. Perhaps we wore everyone out with this workshop?

Highlights thus far:
*Kyle and Jason (Arts & Culture chaperone) teaching Adam and Erik (KBI chaperone) euchre.
*Kyle busted out some delicious Twizzlers. (Thanks, Mom! We are now down to 2)
*Learning that for 2 of our 19 participants, this will be their first trip to Chicago.
*Talking about CultureFest, an IU tradition that takes place during Welcome Week.
*Brittany helping me write the blog post!


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