Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday, Chicago-Style

We started our day with 1:1 meetings to discuss personal and academic goals for the freshman year. Grace, Erik, and I met with each student for 15 minutes to talk about their classes and concerns they might have for the start of the year.

Every freshman, no matter how confident and centered, will have some fears about
this transition. From Greek life to Calculus, we were able to spend a little time talking about what to expect and how to prepare for this next big change.

We then headed out to Chicago's House of Blues. The performance we saw included a full brunch and a gospel show. The Arts & Culture trip also had tickets for this show, so we got to see the other group who is in Chicago right now as well.

Brittany and Kathryn actually got up on stage and helped conduct the crowd for the last part of the performance, along with some colleagues from the Arts & Culture trip. As Kathryn observed in the lobby later, "How many times in your life are you actually going to get to do that?"

We were also joined by a Kelley alum, Brad S., who is in his second year of law school at Loyola. He talked with a few of our students who were interested in law school before the gospel show got started. While informal and brief, my hope is that these kinds of opportunities to ask questions will help participants stay motivated to pursue their personal goals.

With full bellies, and a beautiful afternoon ahead of us, we took a stroll along the river and part of Michigan Avenue to Millennium Park.

A unique production was on at the part when we arrived, a Chinese love story that was being acted out in different locations in the park. A few scenes would run, then the actors would change locations.

Our group explored all over the park, checking out the gardens, the Gehry architecture, and of course the "Cloud Gate," more commonly referred to as the "Bean." Unsubstantiated rumor has it that several students engaged in public napping, falling asleep on the park's green lawns. We are on a brief break for dinner now in the Water Tower area, and then we'll meet tonight for some discussions. Tomorrow is a big site visit for us, BDT Capital, so we will want to be fresh and ready to go!

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