Saturday, August 21, 2010

What's Going to Be Your Sue?

We had a great morning at the Field Museum, learning about how this non-profit with an educational mission is like a for-profit business. The manager of public relations gave a presentation on the difference between working for a business and working for a "public purpose institution" like the museum.

We also heard about several "quirky" marketing campaigns that have evolved in the Field over the last several years. The T-Rex Sue has provided many unique marketing opportunities over the years, and Ms. Telisman shared how it was a visionary move in 1997 for the Field to purchase Sue for 8.6 million dollars. She challenged us to think about what our Sue's might be in our lives.

We had lunch at the Water Tower and are gearing up for a trip to Second City this afternoon.

Our adventure has included a lot of exposure to public transit as we are using the city buses to move from place to place. This is our bus on the way to the Field this morning. It was SRO on the way back!

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